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The New Justice League: Batman (Wade) Green Lantern (Bosh) and Zan, The Wonder Twin (Lebron)

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Lebron James was a free agent.

This means he had every right to sign with whatever team he wanted.

This doesn’t mean Cleveland has to like it.

For the first time in his life, Lebron James is experiencing consequences for his actions. Like most elite pro athletes, he has been coddled from an early age, and rarely, if ever, told no. No one ever said they didn’t like him. He was beloved by all who surrounded him.

Not anymore.

He was shown images of the anger, frustration and hurt he caused in Cleveland. Not by leaving, of course. That’s fine.

But to have an hour long TV show about it? To rip out the heart of a city in such a public fashion?

That is what caused the anger. Not the leaving. But the way he left.

I don’t think he thought this one through.

I think he believed that this would just be another step on his way to becoming the greatest basketball player of all time. A chance to boost his fame and his image. After all, he just wants to win, right?

One problem with this.

By going to the Heat, Dwayne Wade’s team, Lebron is telling us that he is not a leader. He can’t put a team on his back and carry it. He is not, nor will he ever be, the next Jordan.

He’s not even the next Kobe.

By volunteering to play Barnacle Boy to D-Wade’s Mermaid Man, he has effectively ended the Kobe vs. Lebron argument. You can’t argue Lebron’s side, because he isn’t even the leader on his own team.

He is Kevin McHale.

He is James Worthy.

He is Scottie Pippen.

He’s not even Kobe’s Shaq, or Tim Duncan’s David Robinson. Those were equals. Wade has a ring, and like I always say, with players on similar levels, the ring is the ultimate tie-breaker.

So congrats, Lebron. You will get titles.

But at what price?

Written by CrawleyAndWatts

July 9, 2010 at 6:21 pm