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I’m Just Saying – Episode XIV

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Pladow! This week, how great was Cam Newton? Third Voice is rabid Falcons fan Jeanna Thomas from The Falcoholic. What’s Wrong with you Tedy Bruschi? And, once again, for entertainment purposes only, we pick EVERY NFL GAME AGAINST THE SPREADS. Plus twitter shoutouts. Tell yo friends!!!


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I’m Just Saying – Episode XIII

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Boom. Just for you, We talk NFL for the whole show, with a splash of College Football. The 3rd Voice is Syreeta Hubbard, also known as The NFL Chick, she loves her some Ravens. Also Week 1 NFL picks against the spread. Every. Single. Game. Episode XIII! Catch it!


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Episode XIII









Written by CrawleyAndWatts

September 7, 2011 at 8:07 pm

Shock and Awe: Cowboys Whack Wade Phillips Plus Tonight’s NFL Game vs. the Spread

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Wherever you are, stop what you are doing and pour one out for my dead homie, Wade Phillips.

Below is, verbatim, an e-mail I received from a fan about this. (OK, it was my uncle, but he’s a fan too.) The sorely under punctuated stream of consciousness is mesmerizing.

“Sad, you mean to tell me that a 1 and 7 team of gutless quitters cant use a tried and true coach/puppet

Makes me sick, the look in his eyes says it all (they say “effin Scandrick”) I cried for much of the 2nd half

How ticked is J Jones gonna be in the offseason of unrest, he wants to be the Yankees of Football and spend a billion dollars on players and have them coached by his ego, I think the players union are going to want a baseball like agreement, and in his frustration JJ will be a willing accomplice in blowing it all up for an every man for himself league of haves and have nots

My greatest fear is that in a division with NY revenue, Snyder EGO and revenue, and Jones bigger EGO and bigger revenue, the Eagles quickly become handicapped without a cap, and BOOM (hello nike)

The ETN eagle television network becomes a premium pay per view channel, national tv games become a thing of the past, and don’t think idiots wont pay ‘cause even a bye week for the Eagles is hard to take

On the Brightside, uniforms will look a lot more nascarish with sponsorship, how much for an O lineman’s buttock billboard; imagine a jiggley geico ad on Jason peters hind parts, a blue Viagra pill on a d lineman stomachs, the slacks hoagie shack wack of the game, will seem like a quaint throwback; after a score a mandatory interview with Pam Oliver on the Bud Light touchdown spotlight right before the ensuing kickoff and Bret Favre for AARP on his consecutive game streak being in jeopardy because of a midweek Blue Cross Blue Shield colonoscopy segment gone terribly wrong

Aaarrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhh darn you jerry joonnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss”


Couldn’t have said it better.

Tonight, the Bengals are five point home dogs to the Pixburgh Stillers. If you have ever read this column (I know it’s a blog, column sounds better, shut up) you know that I am a huge fan of the home dog. Not tonight. Stillers in a laugher, give the five.

Written by CrawleyAndWatts

November 8, 2010 at 3:56 pm

2010 NFL Week 4 Picks Against The Spread

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I’m gonna start flipping a coin.

I mean it.

Last week I was 8-8 against the spread. If that wasn’t bad enough, I was 0 for college, the Upset Special™ and the STONE COLD LEAD PIPE LOCK™. In fact, I haven’t hit a college pick or a SCLPL™ all year. You’d think I’d learn by now.

This week, I turn it around.

Watch the magic happen.

As usual, these picks are for entertainment purposes only. Unless you like buying Porsches™ for your bookie (and why do you have a bookie anyway?!), don’t gamble with these.

New format again as I continue to mess around with it. Home team in CAPS:

PHILADELPHIA (-5.5) over Washington: The Curse of Dan Snyder® will plague this team like no other plague since the Bubonic™ until he sells it. Mike Shanahan and Donovan McNabb are succumbing to it as we speak.

TENNESSEE (-6.5) over Denver: Denver is exempt from jokes for a while considering what they have been going through. They are gonna get rolled like a blunt this week, though. (Wow, that was a short exemption.)

PITTSBURGH (-1.5) over Baltimore: OK, Stillers, stop killing people, you’ve sold me. This is an otherworldy defense. Look, the Ravens are a great team. Unfortunately, they play in what might be the best division in the NFL. Word on the street is that the Pixburgh defense vowed to deliver a 4-0 record to Ben “I Didn’t Know She Was Passed Out, Honest” Roethlisberger. Yinz are gonna do it. Then go dahntahn and celebrate withe some Rolling Rocks and pierogis.

Cincinnati (-3) over CLEVELAND: BREAKING NEWS: Eric Mangini voted “Worst Coach Ever In Any Sport” by his peers. This is this week’s STONE COLD LEAD PIPE LOCK.

Detroit (+14.5) over GREEN BAY: Look, I’m not saying that Detroit is any good, because they ain’t no good. And yeah, they are on the road. But I got burned by a two touchdown spread last week, and that ain’t happening again. Two touchdowns. Pssh.

Carolina (+13.5) over NEW ORLEANS: Again with the two touchdowns? Yes, Carolina is really terrible. Yes, NO is the defending champ. But, come on, man. Also, and don’t get used to these fancy actual football facts, NO, in their last 8 games, is 0-7-1 against the spread. Whew, I am exhausted from all that research. UPSET SPECIAL™.

ATLANTA (-7) over San Francisco: San Fran is a team is a team in disarray. They need to win this week. But they needed to win last week too. Mike Singletary: Dead Man Walking.

ST. LOUIS (+1) over Seattle: Why is Seattle favored here? They are 3-14 on the road over their last 17. They stink. Plus, Pete Carroll is, at best, a vile human being. At best. There has to be some karma here for the pain he caused USC fans. I’m gonna make up some ground here with a second STONE COLD LEAD PIPE LOCK™.

NY Jets (-5) over BUFFALO: The Jets are one of the best teams in the AFC. The Bills are one of the worst teams in the history of organized sports. Also, and this bears repeating, they have CHAN GAILEY for a head coach. Chan Gailey. How does Chan Gailey have a job in the NFL when Jim Fassel and Denny Green don’t? I mean, not that either of them are hall of fame coaches or anything, but they are both better than Chan Freaking Gailey. Or Eric Mangini, for that matter, but that’s another story.

Indianapolis (-7) over JACKSONVILLE: If a terrible football team gets hammered like Lindsay Lohan on a three day pass from the Betty Ford Clinic™ and no one sees it because it’s blacked out on TV, does it count? Fortunately for the Colts, it does.

Houston (-3) over OAKLAND: Say, you guys know this isn’t the Oilers versus the Raiders in 1981, right? Can I have a 3rd STONE COLD LEAD PIPE LOCK™? Of course I can, it’s my column. Lock it up.

Arizona (+8) over SAN DIEGO: Three things for which I am a sucker: a woman who can make me laugh, Chick-Fil-A™ ice cream, and any team getting more than a touchdown from a Norv Turner coached team. Remeber the scene in Aliens™ when the marines got into their first firefight and they were getting the crap kicked out of them and Lt. Gorman looked all panicky and confused and he kept calling for Sgt. Apone and Apone was dead and Hudson grabbed the camera and screamed “APONE’S DEAD WHAT DO WE DO WHAT DO WE DO?” and Ripley was yelling at Gorman to get them out of there and Gorman kept trying to stay calm but ended up just looking stupid and confused? Norv Turner ALWAYS looks like that to me.  Stupid and confused.

Chicago (+4) over NY GIANTS: Let me get this straight: the Bears are 3-0, the Giants can’t get out of their own way, and the GIANTS ARE FAVORED BY FOUR? As my six year old son would say, “What the?” Only because he’s not allowed to say the f word, which, adorably, he thinks is “frog.”

MIAMI (pick em) over New England: NE has given up a whopping 82 points in three games. Great Googaly Moogaly©, that is CRAZY. What happened to the vaunted defense of the genius Bill Belichick? I was just kidding when I said his contract with the devil ran out, but maybe it has.


NEW MEXICO ST (+43) over Boise St: I don’t know anything about New Mexico State. I know Boise St. is pretty good. I also know that 43 is A LOT OF FREAKING POINTS to be giving on the road. Take NMSU to lose by SIX TOUCHDOWNS and still cover.

Last week (overall):

NFL 8-8 (23-22-3); College 0-1 (0-3-1); STONE COLD LEAD PIPE LOCK™ 0-1 (0-3); UPSET SPECIAL™ 0-1 (2-1)

Dig it.

Written by CrawleyAndWatts

October 1, 2010 at 3:36 pm

2010 Week 3 NFL Picks Against The Spread

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Not bad.

My 9-7 record last week puts me over .500 for the season. The Stone Cold Lead Pipe Lock™ failed again however, as did both college picks (one was a push). I did hit on the Upset Special™ again.

Once again, these picks are for entertainment purposes only. If you are gambling based on them, you may as well set your money on fire. Or mail it to me.

New Format, Favorite on the left, Home team in CAPS:

Philadelphia (2.5) at JACKSONVILLE: I blinked and missed the Kevin Kolb Era™. Enter Ron Mexico 2.0™. The new and improved Mike Vick, keeps his eyes downfield, looks to get teammates involved instead of just himself, thinks pass first, and, hopefully, doesn’t kill dogs any more. Eagles win and cover.

NEW YORK GIANTS (3) vs. Tennessee: This is a tough one. I could dazzle you with stats and what not, but, frankly, I’m lazy. Bottom line, Tennessee needs this one more, as they were bare bottom spanked by Pittsburgh at home last week. Take the Titans and the points.

NEW ENGLAND (14.5) vs. Buffalo: Great Googaly Moogaly©, that is a huge, HUGE number. Is Buffalo that bad? Think about this: Buffalo is starting a guy from Harvard at QB. Really? Really. NE rolls, take them give the points.

BALTIMORE (10.5) vs. Cleveland: Let’s get one thing clear. As long as Eric Mangini is the coach, I will never, EVER pick them for anything. Not in an NFL game, not against Ohio State, not against Berea High School in Akron, OH. Not in football. Not in field hockey. Not in freeze tag. I wouldn’t pick Eric Mangini to coach my dog to take a crap after she has eaten a box of Ex-Lax™. He is HOT GARBAGE. It is a CRIME that he has an NFL job and Jim Fassel is coaching in the UFL. Baltimore rolls, give the points. STONE COLD LEAD PIPE LOCK™.

Pittsburgh (2.5) at TAMPA BAY: Ok, Tampa, you got me last week by beating Carolina. This week you get the Stillers. Everybody who had the Stillers at 2-0 without Ben “Have Another Shot And I’ll Meet You In The Bathroom. No, The Men’s Room” Roethlisberger, raise your hands. Yinz are a bunch of liars. Pixburgh goes to 3-0, give the points.

Cincinnati (3) at CAROLINA: Carolina is the worst team in the NFC. Period. John Fox must have pictures of the owner with a donkey. Ochocinco and dem win big, give the points.

NEW ORLEANS (4) vs Atlanta: I’m torn. New Orleans has yet to look good, and Atlanta looked great last week. New Orleans is at home, but Atlanta is built to play in a dome as well. This is the week we find out how good both of these teams are. I think NO wins a shootout, but ATL covers, take the Falcons and the points.

San Francisco (3) at KANSAS CITY: I woke up in a cold sweat the other night thinking about what Mike Singletary would do if the 49ers go to 0-3. No chance that happens. KC just happens to be the opponent. Take SF, give the 3.

MINNESOTA (11) vs. Detroit: Minnesota’s season is on the line here. If they don’t get a win, it’s over, Johnny. What, you never saw Rambo™? Detroit is 2-0 vs the spread this season, and have covered the last four vs MIN. This is what we call a ka-ching trend. Minnesota wins, but that number is way too big, Lions cover. If they win, start the Farve retirement countdown. He will walk away if the season is beyond salvage. You heard it here first. Oh and this is the UPSET SPECIAL™.

HOUSTON (2.5) vs Dallas: I have so many one liners about this one going through my head that I can’t even narrow it down to one. Dallas needs a win here like Wade Phillips needs a clue. Houston wins BIG, take the Texans, give the points, and put Jerry Jones on suicide watch. (Mr. Gruden? A Mr. Jones is on line 3.)

Washington (3.5) at ST. LOUIS: I’m taking the Rams here. No justification whatsoever. The Skins are the right pick, they may win by two TDs. Jim Haslett is giggling in his sleep about blitzing a rookie QB. I’m still picking the Rams. Maybe because of the karma involved in a game where a Native American QB is playing against a team with a highly offensive Native American nickname.

Indianapolis (5.5) at DENVER: Man, talk about games I couldn’t care less about. Hold on, let me flip a coin – it’s heads, take Denver and the points. Wait, this is a two headed coin!

San Diego (5.5) at SEATTLE: Seattle, let me ‘splain something to you. You have messed me up twice in a row. Twice. That’s all you get. You don’t cover against a Norv Turner coached team at home against a rookie running back and YOU ARE DEAD TO ME!!! Seattle covers. Or else they sleep with the fishes.

ARIZONA (4.5) vs. Oakland: Bruce Gradkowski? Really? Take Arizona and give the points. Bruce Gradkowski. Come on, man.

MIAMI (2) vs New York Jets: Jets win, because they will not be distracted by Braylon Edwards’ Homeless Person’s Beard.

Green Bay (3) at CHICAGO: How in the name of Sam Sirhan Sirhan is Chicago 2-0? They have Jay Cutler at QB. JAY CUTLER. Green Bay stops this nonsense, take them, give the three.


Nevada (4) at BYU: BYU at home getting points coming off a tough loss? For real? Gimmie some of that, I love BYU with the four.

Last week (overall):

NFL 9-7 (15-14-3); College 0-1-1 (0-2-1); Stone Cold Lead Pipe Lock™ 0-1 (0-2); Upset Special™ 1-0 (2-0)

Written by CrawleyAndWatts

September 24, 2010 at 7:55 pm